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Yale GALA and Jen & Natasha present ...

Women's Japanese Dinner (Casual)
with old & new friends, NYC

WHEN: Friday, March 8, 2013
6:00-8:30 PM


Cho Cho San
15 West 8th Street (bet 5th & 6th Ave), New York

(In the spacious, back "party room", which is exclusively ours for the event)


No cover. Cost is your actual food & drink costs, from the regular menu,
(plus tax and a generous tip for the restaurant for hosting us).

Menu is shown on-line (except for daily specials)

Please RSVP to natasha@yalegalaevents.org or call 201-435-2332
 Limited to 40 women.  Please RSVP.  Cancel if you can't attend.

We return for a women's Japanese dinner (casual) with old & new friends.
We have reserved the spacious, back "party room" for our exclusive use.
The room seats 40, with ample room to mix and mingle with the friendly crowd, throughout.
First we'll start with a drink and some time to catch up with old and new friends.
When you are ready for dinner, you will seat yourself in one of the many tables for 4-10 people.
Cho Cho San is a Japanese restaurant offering sushi and cooked Japanese food plus
cocktails, beer and sake (including a $10 all-you-can-drink sake special).
If you are vegetarian, you will find ample dishes to enjoy. The menus are shown on-line.
We invite women from the Yale, Princeton, Harvard, the rest of the Ivy League, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Williams,
& the Seven Sisters schools to join us, as well as their smart friends from any school Please RSVP. 
Thanks to Natasha (Yale) & Jen Rexford (Princeton) for hosting.

Please RSVP to Natasha@yalegalaevents.org or phone 201-435-2332.
(If you do not RSVP you may not have a chair.  Thank you)

The restaurant will have an extra sushi chef for us.  Please order sushi early & big sushi boats / elaborate orders extra early. 
Sushi is handmade to order and takes time to create.  If 40 people order sushi all at once, no restaurant or chef can make all that, quickly.
Non-sushi, mixed orders and boxes arrive much faster (~10 minutes).  There is a separate kitchen for cooked food.      

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